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He is 88 years old but gives more than 95, I am 20 years old but he gives me more than 50.

This is my grandpa, he has had Alzheimer's disease for a few years now.

He recognizes me but forgets my name sometimes. There are moments of absence, of perdition, but also moments of lucidity.

He often thinks of death: "She leaves me here, but it's soon my turn." ".

He would like to be 100 years old, "the round count" as he says. He also knows that he is losing his mind and that he cannot do as many things as before.

He becomes a child again, he needs to be accompanied and surrounded.

Granny watches over him on a daily basis, I remain present for him.


He's 90 and a few months old now, a round count in a way.

It was today that he decided to leave, maybe he knew that 10 more years were going to be complicated.

He was able to have all his "little ones" around him for a last goodbye.

Adiou papi!

Images and texts subject to copyright: © Lucas Frayssinet


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