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For more than 20 years, the iconic Teistin has linked Streymoy to the island of Sandoy, which has always been only accessible by boat. This connection is thus necessary for locals that depend on these rotations in order to be continually supplied, whether with food but also with freight deliveries. Sandoy pulses at the rate of 8 to 9 daily connections which allow to easily come and go outside the island. It has his own rhythm without influence, only at the slow pace of the regular comings and goings of Teistin.
In planning for many years, the 11km long underwater tunnel "Sandoyartunnilin" now connects Sandoy since December 21 causing an upheaval, puts an end to a rhythm of life, to a break which allowed all those who use it regularly, and which is today possible in less than ten minutes with this new underwater connection of more than 10 kilometers.
For the majority of islanders, it is the life they have led until now that will be turned upside down. In one hand for the better, especially for the daily workers that goes to Torshavn but also for the worse because the tunnel puts an end to a way of life appreciated by many. However, it will also and paradoxically isolate the village of Skopun, the ferry s home port.

This photo series tells the end of an era through the last months of this iconic connection as well as the calm of Sandoy before being exposed and connected to the rest of the world.

Images et textes soumis à des droits: ©Lucas Frayssinet

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