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The new volcano near Mount Fagradalsfjall, which has been active for barely a week, already attracts many tourists who are eager to come and admire a rather accessible and unique spectacle.
Iceland is adapting to this new tourism and has to cope with this immense and sudden flow of visitors from all over the world. 
On the spot, the police, the helicopters of the civil security and the coast guards as well as many voluntary help take turns night and day in order to prevent and/or to cure certain imprudent who would venture where it should not.
New landscapes are being created, delighting many scientists and geologists who come to study fresh rocks.
The region of Grindavík in the southwest of Iceland is known for its very important magmatic activity. This volcano is the second in two years to awaken. This volcanic region is known for its fault opening towards the north of the region. Unfortunately this fault could reach east of Reykjavik in the next decades or centuries.

Images and texts subject to rights: ©Lucas Frayssinet

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