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Feature Film “Verdandi” by Dagmar Knöpfel

First assistant director
Filming September - November 2024
Elfenholz Film / Kykmyndir

Cinemas and TV Broadcaster Arte - 2025

Capture d’écran 2023-12-31 à 15.11_edited.jpg

Documentary series “Our Planet” by Lucas Allain

Executive Producer and Fixer - Faroe Islands episode
Guindala Productions
Arte TV broadcaster - Spring 2024


Feature Film “The Last Paradise on Earth” by Sakaris Stórá

Still photographer - 2nd assistant. camera
and short backstage film
Adomeit / Kykmyndir
Cinema release - Spring 2024


Director and producer of the video documentary
“Eitt ár í Føroyum – A Faroese Year” 

Ciné Paris festival selection


Interviewee as a photographer in the television show “Échappées Belles” on the Faroe Islands

Broadcaster -  France 5
Bo Travail !
[00:30 - 10:00] & [15:25 - 24:00]


Previous works

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